Sunday, April 19, 2015


I have been on my sabbatical (read about it here) from my blog for almost a month now, and thought I would check in with some randomness from the last month.

1.  On March 23rd, Bob and Wyatt went fishing.  The next day, it snowed.  Then we had more snow this past weekend! Springtime in the Rockies.

2.  Caitlin participated in our local Blossom Day pageant - a great learning experience for the young girls in our community.  Beautiful, as always.
3.  Went to my favorite old bakery (40 miles away) where we got our wedding cake 56 years ago and have shopped periodically since.  Was greeted by a security guard.  What's with that?  Granted in the past, I've seen some little old ladies argue over the last few remaining bread sticks.  The goods are that wonderful, but a security guard?
4.  Easter weekend came and went.  We had our usual teenage Easter egg hunt (involving gift cards) and family celebration dinner on Saturday.  I cooked for two days, and they devoured it in 20 minutes.  Sunday was church for the real celebration, then a few leftovers and a nap.  (I just realized that Wyatt had on the same clothes egg hunting as he did fishing -- oh, a teenage boy's wardrobe -- hope they encountered the washing machine in between!!)
5.  Bob and I checked out a new antique(?) mall in the area.  It is located in an old furniture store, and they have done a great job in the renovation.  The floors, mezzanine railings, and handrails are beautiful, but the booths were filled with 1970s and yardsale stuff.  We were disappointed.
6.  Prom was this past Saturday for our local high school.  It rained, snowed, groveled, the wind blew, and it was cold.  The traditional photo shoot was difficult, but we managed some photos of the cute couple.  She wanted to wear her Blossom Day Pageant dress again - it is really beautiful on her!

Yes, the corsage had lights!
7.  The reason for the sabbatical -- taming the albatross.  I've been hand quilting hard and furious trying to average about five hours a day.  It is going well, and I have fallen in love all over again with this quilt.  I would quilt 10 hours a day on it if arthritic fingers and shoulders didn't stop me!
I'll try to check in again next month.