Sunday, February 19, 2017


All my life, one of my favorite things to do has been sewing doll clothes. I haven't made any for years since my granddaughter outgrew the doll stage. So, I decided that for my charity donation project this year I would dress an 18" doll.  

With my granddaughter as my trendy fashion consultant, I have made 36 items to be donated with the doll for a silent auction as a fundraiser for charity.
What fun I have had dreaming up outfits, searching for fabrics, and sewing.  And shopping for the doll shoes was also fun!
I tried to make pieces that would mix and match to make a variety of outfits.
Pictured are some of the clothes and accessories I made.

  Hopefully, some little girl will love playing with the doll and clothes; as much as I have enjoyed sewing them.

Now, back to the real world!!!

I'm joining the following:
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Monday, February 13, 2017


It's hard for me to believe that our grandson, Wyatt, is 15 years old already.
He's a charmer --- loves the social life.  After all, isn't that why you go to school and play sports?
Fortunately, he can be a decent student and manages the honor roll most of the time without too much effort.  But, he challenges this Grammy's patience.  FOCUS is not his best trait ---- he is more interested in FUN, FRIENDS, and FOOD.

Challenges are ahead, I'm sure.  He's now eligible to get a driver's permit ---- oh, my!   And, I think he has his eye on his Papa's l971 Suburban.  As his mother learned in high school, you can haul a bunch of kids around in that old red 'truck'!  Thank goodness, times and rules have changed.
Happy 15th Birthday, Wyatt!

And, happy Valentine's Day to my two heart-tuggers ----
Here they are on each of their very first Valentine's Days.
Caitlin at four months old 
Wyatt - a few hours old.  Grammy looks a little worse for wear, also!
And now at 20 and 15 years old --- still tugging at my heart.