Sunday, May 24, 2015


Two months have passed on my limited hiatus from my blog, so thought I would check in with May's randomness.

1.  Took a chance to get out of town for a weekend -- our usual destination, Denver.  We saw the '1968' exhibit at the Colorado History Museum. 

What fun to relive the fashions, music, furniture, etc. from that year. 
 But, of course, seeing the documentation of the assassinations, war, and discrimination of the time was sobering.  It was all special sharing the exhibit with our son, who was born in 1968.

2. A trip out of town would not be complete without some antiquing and junk hunting.  My radar is always up for brown transferware, but the prices are slowly inching up beyond my comfort zone.  I think over $100 for a single piece (in spite of any wonderfulness) is too expensive.  Bob always tells me, "They have it, and you don't!" So guess they can ask what they want for it.  
However, I did find this piece which is quite large.
 Don't have a clue what its intended purpose was.  Any ideas? It almost looks like it needs a lid, but there is no indication of a ridge to hold one.  It was in my under-$25 budget and interesting, so I bought it.  It has a kite mark, but the date symbols are blurred.  I'm sure it is from the 1880s, as I'm familiar with the pattern, "Brazil" from G. W. Turner & Sons, Tunstall -- I already have a plate in the same design.
For now it is holding a pile of antique linen dinner napkins.

3.  Caitlin and I spent a couple of afternoons working on a photo display board for her high school graduation party. 
So hard to narrow down 1000s of pictures taken over 18 years time to just a few -- she has always been so cute!
4.  High school graduation has come and gone.  It seems all her school years have passed by so fast.
 Caitlin is happy.
Grammy is sad.
I was a blubbering idiot at graduation, and took a bunch of horrible pictures.  This was the best of the lot of her with her cute boyfriend after the ceremony.  Thank goodness there will be an official picture forthcoming of her receiving the diploma (with honors) taken by the professional photographer during graduation.
5.  One of the reasons (see here) for my sabbatical from the blog is finished.  The name of the quilt has now officially been changed from "The Albatross" to "Merry-go-round".  
If it ever stops raining, I'll take it outside for a photo shoot to have for my records with the final reveal next month ----
Still a lot of work remains to get ready for the quilt show in August.  And, we are also tentatively planning a trip to Washington state in August.  Plus, we just found out our house will be on a local benefit home tour at Christmas.  I foresee some new projects in our future in preparation for the tour.
Thanks for enduring this long post - it's been a busy May.  
See you next month!