Sunday, August 21, 2016


This has been the summer of reunions.  We just returned a couple of weeks ago from a cousin's reunion in California.  Back over Memorial weekend, Bob and I went to our 60th high school class reunion in Rocky Ford, CO.  And now, this past weekend, I attended another 60th class reunion.  By way of explanation -- As a Freshman and Sophomore in high school, I attended St. Scholastica Academy, a girl's boarding school here in Canon City, CO.  Then, as a Junior and Senior, I returned to my hometown of Rocky Ford to finish high school.  My SSA friends have always graciously included me in their reunions.  They are a particularly close bunch of women after not only going to school together, but also living together during their formative years.  After 60 years, their special bond still shines through.
10 classmates attended with one brave husband in the bunch!
The reunion was held at the boy's boarding school, The Holy Cross Abbey School,  which is now an event center and winery here in Canon City.  The Abbey puts on an alumni weekend every year including both the former boy's school and the girl's school. They wined and dined us several times over the weekend.

When we have reunions here in town, it has become a tradition to come to my house for brunch on one of days.  I cook for couple of days; then we eat again plus reminisce and look at old pictures.  Always, a fun time!
This is what our school looked like when we boarded and went to school there in the 1950s.  It was a beautiful campus, and we all have fond memories of living and going to school there.
Unfortunately, after the school that began in 1890 closed in 2001, the facility has slowly deteriorated.  This is what it looks like currently, and we are all saddened by its condition.
However, there is a group actively searching for funds to restore it back to usefulness.  In addition to this historic building, there are several newer buildings from the 1970s and 1980s including an indoor pool, theater, chapel, dormitory, and classrooms.  Do you know of anyone with several million dollars to invest in our special past and a possible future use???

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Wednesday, August 10, 2016


I'm a lousy traveler.  Always have been --- I remember my
Dad always telling me in the car to put down my book/puzzle/crayons/doll/etc. and look outside at the scenery.  I couldn't have cared less --- still don't!  I'm certainly not a road trip warrior, but we just returned from an almost 3000 mile car trip to California and back again (I read three books along the way).
Sometimes, the destination is worth the journey.  This time it was!  

The view outside the living room of our personal log cabin!

We went for a cousin reunion of the paternal side of my family.  I don't understand all of that first cousin, second cousin, once-removed stuff.  In our case our grandmothers were sisters and they married brothers, so we are double cousins, etc.  At any rate, there are only seven of my generation left; and four of us got together for four days at the youngest of the bunch's lake-house compound in northern California.  The three of us older ones were born within four months of each other, and we all grew up on adjoining farms.  We were close, but the years have scattered us; and I hadn't seen them for many years.
Here we are now in our 70s -- look at all of that white unruly hair with cow-licks galore just like our ancestors!

We spent the four days talking, reminiscing, remembering our grade school days, and trying to figure out and identify our ancestors from photos.  Our spouses must have been bored to death.  And, of course we talked about our kids, grandkids, and we ate great food, then we ate again and again!

Below is one of the pictures taken in the summer of 1940 that was unearthed in our discussions.  I love this picture as it tells so many stories.  It must have been Sunday as the men are all in their white shirts, ties, but most noticeably they are not wearing hats.  These were all hard working farmers/ranchers descending from pioneers who homesteaded in Colorado in 1876.  Without their hats they had tanned faces and white foreheads.  I see a story in each and every smile, frown, or side-way glance.

All are deceased now except the older boy in the middle and the three of us babies on the left side.  It was wonderful for the three of us along with our hostess, a younger sibling (not born at the time of the picture), to reunite.

The scenery at the lake house, even though beautiful, was not the most wonderful thing of the destination.  It was the coming together of the family that was the most joyous.

If the possibility exists, don't hesitate to reunite with family. 


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