Thursday, July 23, 2015


Moving right along thru summer -- some randomness from July!

1.  This has been a month of "make, bake, and take it".  Do you have those times when it seems that you take more food to functions than you cook for home consumption?  During 2 1/2 weeks time, I cooked and transported a big pot of Italian beef with slider buns for sandwiches; a pan of brownies; yogurt and fruit parfaits; an apple spice cake; apple-butter bars; 2 batches of snack mix for 3 different occasions; a pudding cake; and a peach dump cake.  Before the month is done, I know I have one more potluck occasion requiring a meat dish and a salad or dessert.  I'm certainly not complaining -- food and fellowship with friends is always a GOOD thing even when it is a funeral dinner for an old friend.  Here is the recipe from "The Pioneer Woman" that I use for dump cake -- a staple at our church for funeral dinners; easy and always a crowd pleaser.
Picture from Ree's recipe site
As Ree, herself, says, "Comfort food at its canned and processed best."

2.  We spent a whole week buying a new car.  It just seems to take forever, and all of that car talk bores me to death!  We don't do this often, thank goodness.  Remember we are the ones who still own and drive the Chevy Suburban we bought brand new in 1971.  (That's right -- 1971!!) 
Our 'Truck', a 1971 hunk of steel!
Our main car, a nine-year-old van, decided it wanted to be fed with dollars and not just gas, so it was time to replace it.  After much discussion, we decided to downsize and bought a 2015 Chevy Trax.  To give you an example how excited I am -- my main questions were:  What color is it?  Does it have 4 cup holders in the front seat? And, does it have a hidden place to stash my purse?  I didn't even drive it the first time until three days after we brought it home!  I'm slowly adjusting.
2015 Chevy Trax

3.  Wyatt has grown four inches since Easter.  He eats ALL of the time, so I really have cooked a lot this summer.
Here he is in 2010 when he and his Papa built the tree house.
And now, at age 13, he is pushing six feet and almost as tall as the tree house.

4.  I've been trying to get a little quilting done this month. Check my quilting blog (here) for my progress.  Plus, I've been finishing up the details for the quilt show -- hanging date is less than two weeks away.

That's about it for now.  I'll be back at the end of August after my quilt show is over; and hopefully, return to regular blogging at that time.

Take care!