Saturday, February 26, 2011


It seems that the last couple of years plaid has been everywhere! I've always loved plaid, and the resurgence has really refueled my interest.

I thought I would take a look into my personal archives, and see if my love of plaid has remained steady.

Let's start with the 1940s. Every girl in grade school had a plaid dress. I was no exception.

Then in the 1950s, we all had our plaid shirts with the rolled-up sleeves to wear with our jeans with the rolled-up cuffs. Check out the plaid picnic blanket in the first picture; then the plaid curtains in my dorm room. By the way, do you think I was infatuated with this boy? Well, the plaid shirts must have worked, because he married me in 1958.
In the 1960s our nest sported plaid curtains.
Every little boy's room in the 1970s needed plaid wallpaper. We remember hanging this wallpaper one Sunday afternoon while listening to the Super Bowl, but you shouldn't get distracted when hanging plaid paper - if it isn't perfectly level, you have a mess. Ours looks pretty straight. Check out the macrame owl on the wall; please forgive me as it was the 70s after all.
Evidently, the mauve/blue years of the 1980s weren't conducive to plaid as I couldn't find any plaid fabrics in my house pictures for those years. But, I did make a quilt with red and & white plaid in 1988, and named it 'Tartan'.
This is our guest room in the 1990s with a plaid comforter and red plaid pillows under the floral pillow cases.
In the 2000s our dining room sported plaid valances that matched the wallpaper border that I hand-cut around all of those paisleys. Our dining room decor has changed a couple of times since then with the wallpaper, border and valances out of there.
The last couple of years I have been making pillows out of recycled Ralph Lauren plaid skirts. You can read one of those posts here.

Below is my newest pillow that I made last week. In 1967, we were in a Saskatoon, Canada department store where this fabric was displayed as the official Tartan of Canada's centennial. So I bought a half of a yard. This piece of fabric has moved with us from house to house over the years, and I decided it was time I did something with it.
I guess that means that my infatuation with plaid has come full circle.

I will be joining the following parties this week. Please check out these blogs for a plethora of inspiration.

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lvroftiques said...

I'd say your love for plaid has remained pretty consistent *winks* I love it too, and always will. I really enjoyed seeing your plaid through the years. It brought back so many memories. I even had a plad lunch box. Vanna

Anonymous said...

This was such a fun post Sally. Definitely brought back a memory or two.

I'll get some close ups of the Jim Shore Angel later this week. She is holding a hen in one arm and a basket of eggs in the other.

Picket said...

Girl I love plaid and I had some great plaid dresses! I can't believe you have kept that fabric since '67...was you saving it to make Moses a new robe when he crossed the Red Sea...oh said 1967 didn't you! lol lol you know I love ya girl...the pillow is fantastic and just look at all the memories that one fabric has seen....have a great week girl....Picket

Marilyn said...

Plaid isn't one of my favorites, but I did bring back a piece of blue from Scotland, and should make some pillows with it some time. I love the quilts in that corner unit! ♥♫

Allison Shops said...

What a great trip down memory lane! The fabric is wonderful - aren't you glad you saved it all these years?
Dropping by from Met Monday, with a post on repurposed shelving.


Kim @ Savvy Southern Style said...

I love plaid, too especially tartain plaids.

Dandelion and Daisy said...

I've worn more plaid than I've decorated with it, as a matter of fact, I just bought a vintage red plaid Pendelton jacket that I love. When I was in high school, you had to have a plaid pleated Pendleton skirt (try saying that fast five times). Enjoyed your trip down memory lane...and believe me I still have fabric from 1967 around here somewhere, I'm sure!

Thoughtfully Blended Hearts said...

What a beautiful timeline of a great fabric!!! Plaid is timeless...comes and goes but never disappears!!!
Loved this post!!!
Have a beautiful week!!!

SmilingSally said...

You inspire me! I've had plaid all my life--like you.

I'm part Scottish, and my mom once went to Scotland and looked up the Crawford plaid. Her favorite color was blue, and she was a bit disappointed that "her" plaid was a red!

Pondside said...

I love plaid too - at our wedding, 38 years ago, the bridesmaids all wore plaid sashes. I still have long kilts and street-length kilts that I love, and plaid blankets in the house. I think your pillow is made from Nova Scotia tartan, as that's where I was born, and have a formal Nova Scotia tartan skirt.

Anonymous said...

Loved seeing your plaid from the past pictures Sally!! I love that cupboard full of quilts you showed!

You always do such a professional job with your sewing and this pretty pillow shows it!

Gosh haven't the past 2 days been wonderful (well - the wind yesterday!)

bee blessed

Elaine said...

I do love plaid too and I see it everywhere in British design magazines.

I am looking for a plaid skirt but no luck. Maybe next season!

Designs on 47th Street said...

I raise my hand as another who loves plaids. Yes, you have been very consistent with your plaids. Fun to see all the pictures.


Alison @ The Polohouse said...

I'm mad for plaid too!
I have it everywhere and can't ever get enough. I even loved the ad campaign that ran this fall from Target stores... they said "Do you have Plaiditude?
I think you and I both have it, Sally!
GREAT old photos. Loved it!

My Dream Canvas said...

This looks wonderful.I look forward to seeing you at My Dream Canvas.

Sarah said...

I'm so happy you shared this link in your Tartan Parade post. It's new to me. Love the fun images you shared. I'm mad for plaid too. ~ Sarah