Monday, January 6, 2014


Our favorite weekend excursion is NOT what Colorado is famous for -- skiing, hiking, outdoorsy things.  No -- we love to go to Denver to antique and junk hunt.  So, when we can combine an antique show with some 'new to us' antique malls plus meeting up with our son, we are off to the city.  The weather was beautiful at about 60 degrees.
This past weekend, was the antique show held each January at the Wings Over The Rockies Air and Space Museum located at the former Lowry Air Force Base.  The Museum is located in Hanger #1 that was built in 1939.  
 A really fun venue as admission to the museum is included in the $6 admission to the antique show.  The antique show is small in comparison to others held in the area during the year, but has lots of quality stuff especially toys and ephemera.  But, of course, the prices reflect the quality.
 While I get lost in checking out the dishes especially the expensive brown transferware; my menfolk are checking the airplanes.  Here is Bob with a museum volunteer trying to find the jet that Bob flew in ROTC training in college.  Guess it was determined that the plane is in Colorado's other airplane museum.
 After the show, we hit a favorite antique mall close to our hotel.
We had a great hotel stay with good food; but upon awaking the next morning, we saw about 5 inches of snow with slick roads.
So much for spending the rest of the day checking out those two 'new to us' antique malls.  We decided to head home before the weather got any worse.
 It is really boring traveling 40 miles per hour over roads you have traveled a million times at 75 miles per hour; but we made it home safely before the bad weather hit southern Colorado.
My only purchase for the weekend was this book that I have been looking for -- the dust cover is not in the best of condition but the price was really reasonable!
The weather today is quite cold, but the sun is shining.  After watching 'Downton Abbey' last night, I'm in the mood for a cup of hot tea (I never drink tea!). 
Are you staying warm?

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Little Wandering Wren said...

What a shame about the weather but I know a Scottish lass who will be very interested in your book purchase she likes a cuppa too - Our very own Blue Monday Neesie Natters!
My husband would say you had a perfect weekend especially as you have limited $$$'s damage!
Happy Blue Monday
Wren x

SmilingSally said...

Hi Sally,

I'm glad that you got back home safe and sound and do hope that you stay warm while enjoying your new find.

My mother's maiden name was Crawford. I'm sure you can find her plaid. Thanks for sharing.

Have a Happy Blue Monday.

Marilyn said...

It's also cold here in northern Colorado. Greeley cancelled school because their buses wouldn't start! When I lived in Granby it would get down to 30 and 40 below, and we always had school. My car and those buses all had some sort of heater to keep the water hot in the radiator and we never closed school because of the temperature. Good memory for me today, thanks to your post. It's nice to find something you really want!♥♫

Neesie said...

Neesie Natters here and yep little Wandering Wren is right, I really enjoyed your post. What a fascinating book...I'd love to have made that find but then my hubby would be lost for days in that museum!
I haven't got my act together this week to enter Blue Monday. I'm still trying to get back into a routine after the Christmas festivities.
Happy Blue Monday and New Year to you.
Sray cosy and safe ;)

Jacqueline~Cabin and Cottage said...

There was no snow our way! But it's chilly. An antiquing weekend sounds good to me too! Too bad you had to cut it short. Glad you made it home safe! My family would love a copy of that book too! We only have one to go around. Stay cozy!

Ceekay-THINKIN of HOME said...

This weather is something! Glad you were able to find one treasure at least!!

Unknown said...

Your weekend is my idea of a favorite way to hunt also..... minus the snow! So glad you found a treasure but sorry you had to cut the time short. The temps in Ky are at the zero degree line, but no snow. Enjoy your book. Vicki in Louisville Ky.

Have a Daily Cup of Mrs. Olson said...

Oh how quickly things can change! We got 4" of new snow yesterday and it's been snowing all day today. They predicted 1". so much for the weather man. lol! Hubby and I are headed S. tomorrow to warmer weather. Hope we don't have to drive 40. Love the new find! Tartan plaid-ahhh! Thanks for sharing with SYC.

Tea in the Library said...

Glad you made it home safely! Nice purchase. See you next time at SYC!