Monday, March 23, 2015


I've been giving a lot of thought recently to the future of this blog.  Here are some thoughts ---
London Eye, 2008
I started this blog on July 22, 2008 after a wonderful 50th wedding anniversary trip to Europe.  I had been lurking in the blog world for sometime, and thought that maybe there was something in our 50 years of marriage about making a home and living and loving life that was worth sharing.  Also, I thought of it as a way to journal our lifestyle for our descendants if in the future they were interested.  Thus, SALMAGUNDI, was conceived. 
I've always been fond of alliteration; and my name, Sally Saulmon, and Salmagundi seemed to fit.  One of the definitions of Salmagundi is "A disparate assembly of things, ideas, and people."  That was what I wanted my blog to be.
It's been a journey as my computer skills were lacking (still are!), and finding a niche in blogland for my style was daunting and elusive (and still is!)  But here we are at Post No. 556.

Oh my, we have things!  And I have blogged about hundreds of them.  We have been antique and junk accumulators from the beginning of our marriage.  And, we still enjoy the hunt and incorporating them into our home; but have slowed down considerably.  There is simply no more room in our house. 
Christmas 2014

I'm a thinker -- I over-think and try to solve everything within my sphere of influence.  Just ask my family.  However, I'm not an intellectual.  If I can't control a part of the situation; I, unfortunately and regrettably, don't give it much thought.  Therefore, the ideas on this blog are rather shallow.

I have had amazing Colorado pioneers in my family that worked long and hard to pass on the lifestyle I've been fortunate to enjoy.  I have blogged about several of them and the belongings they have entrusted into my care.  And, of course, I've had a husband for 56 years who has always supported me both emotionally and financially to allow me freedom to do what I wanted.  We raised two amazing children that have endured their own hardships and struggles, but have come out on top.  We've been blessed with two adorable, absolutely wonderful grandchildren.  But, how many pictures of "The Beauty" and "The Cutie" can my blog readers endure?

That leads us to the present ---
I'm to the point that I'm almost blogged out!
I'm thinking a sabbatical is in order -- not just a couple of weeks, but possibly six months. 

I have obligated myself to a one-woman quilt show in August; a retrospective of my 65 years of making quilts.  And, I have been thinking that a retrospective really should require that I finish the albatross quilt in the closet.  
My First Quilt (1950) and The Albatross (2015?)
 The albatross has been ten years in the making; but with arthritic fingers and declining eyesight, I've struggled with finishing the hand quilting.  I love this quilt, and it deserves to be finished and exhibited.
So, I figure if I devote 4-6 hours each day to working on the albatross; I can complete it by the August deadline.
I have decided to concentrate on that feat.

I plan to remain on facebook and pinterest, and regularly check on my favorite blogs as I can't break my computer habits so easily.  I'll be at church every Sunday morning, and hopefully increase my prayer time at home. Then, there is always the cooking to be done, and the need to dust all this stuff occasionally -- my least favorite activities but necessary.  Just as we have for 30 years; every Wednesday morning will find me with my girl friends having coffee/tea, eating, complaining, laughing, and solving the world's problems.  
And, there are still good books to be read.
Bob and I will occasionally be out there searching for that perfect piece we don't need for our home.  And, I will be running interference into the kid's lives.  As the Countess Violet on Downton Abbey says, "It's the grandmother's job to interfere."
And who knows, I may experience something blog worthy and occasionally pop in here at Salmagundi.
But, for now, a very tiny hand-quilting needle and an albatross in the closet is calling my name.

 My plans are to return in September to resume blogging regularly.


Susie Q said...

Beautiful post Sally...and I so understand. (The quilt is just glorious!)
Blogging is hard work. I stepped way back and now only do it occasionally for myself really. Heck, no one else reads it anyhoo!
I have so loved reading your wonderful writing and watching you r family events...of being a tiny part of your life.
You have been a blessing.

SmilingSally said...

We are so much alike! I began blogging in June, 2008, I've been married 56 years, and I know we share the same beliefs.

I will miss you while you're experiencing this change in pace, but I'll see you on FB.

The other Sally.

Pinky at Designs by Pinky said...

I get it. Blogging takes ALOT of time and effort. So many people are making their blogs their job, and getting paid. I don't have the desire (or know how) to do that. I. like you, blog to share what we are up to and also for our children and granddaughter to have a record. Please let us know when you return!!! Pinky

Anonymous said...

Oh, Sally! Well, you must do what you must do! I have always enjoyed visiting you and seeing your treasures and hearing about your ancestry! I feel a kindred spirit with you and you know I wish you the best and you are an amazing quilter. I wish you the best with your show. When you come back, we'll be here.
Blessings sweet friend,
Shelia ;)

Sue said...

Oh I'm going to were my very first person to read my blog and comment and you have stuck with me for all these years....make sure you do come back in September and PLEASE keep in touch in the meantime...and make sure you come over to my blog when you see me on Facebook because I wouldn't have continued all these years if it wasn't for friends like you who just keep coming back to read my nonsense.....and how could you ever think you could post too many pictures of the Grands....that's what us grandmothers do!! and me also meddle....whether the adult children like it or not!! You will be missed....Hugs from one of your biggest fans.....Sue :)

NanaDiana said...

Enjoy your time away, Sally. I think real life calls us from blogging sometimes and that is as it should be.
Your quilt is gorgeous and certainly deserves to be finished.
Hope you have a wonderful sabbatical! xo Diana

Joy@aVintageGreen said...

Have a wonderful (and very busy) blogging break. Will be looking for you again in September.

Mitzi said...

That quilt is absolutely beautiful. I love the vibranat colors.
Hurry back!

kimberleyalice1961 said...

I just found you and now you are leaving! LOL! Good luck and enjoy hope to see you in September! All the best!

Cheryl said...

I will miss you! There aren't many of us out there with 50plus years of marriage under our belts. I enjoyed sharing the sentiments of such a long, loving partnership. God bless you as you have been a blessing to me!

Donnamae said...

I hope your August show goes well...sounds like this break is what is needed! That quilt is gorgeous! See you in September! ;)

Bonnie Schulte said...

I, do not have a blog, but enjoy reading them every day, and your blog has been a favorite of mine. I often wonder how you and others do it, I know I would never have enough (important or fun) things to write about, and I really would not know where to begin, even tho at my age (75) a person would think I was, maybe, smart enough, but alas, not the case, I don't understand any of the computer lingo. Love your quilt,it is so beautiful,it should be on display! Looks like you will be very busy with family, church, checking our antique shops, and quilting of course, so till I "see" you again, when you return here, ENJOY!!!!

Jacqueline~Cabin and Cottage said...

My best to you with the quilt! It will be so satisfying for you. I have one in the closet that I started for my daughter when she was a little girl. She now has thrree little girls of her own! There are seasons for things. Seems like it is quilting season for you. Looking forward to seeing your finished creation!

Bill and Mary Glidden said...

Sally you will have to let me know where the quilt show you are doing! I would love to come if I can, if just so I can see you!

Bee blessed

Ceekay-THINKIN of HOME said...

You should win first place with that gorgeous quilt! Will miss you, but I get it totally!

Ocean Breezes and Country Sneezes said...

I just found your blog via Cafe Chatelaine! Too bad fro me you are taking a break! I've been on a break of sorts too.

Your quilt is stunning and I wish you luck with your show. Quilting is something I would love to try!

If you're in the neighborhood, please stop by, new friends are always welcome.

Tea in the Library said...

Beautifully stated. You will be missed. I am finishing a quilt my daughter-in-law's mother started before she passed away. I am not a quilter, but God has prepared me for this by finding me a church with a women's group who work on quilts s a group each month. Best wishes on your journey with The Albatross. You will both be in my prayers.

A Romantic Porch said...

Dear Sadly, I admire you so much. I LOVE your blog. I love the thing you share. I always have and will look forward to you coming back. Please do. I've had to take breaks now and then. I suppose I didn't think to tell ahead of time. Life has hit us pretty hard but I love to write and connecting with other bloggers. I will look forward to seeing you come back and photos of the finished quilt. Love, Rachel

bj said...

I LOVE this post, Sally.
I also understand you needing time in the REAL world for awhile.
I think blogging is different for all of us. I love every single thing about it...I can't finish one post before another is working in my mind...I could post every single day from now on. My posts sometimes are very shallow..I mean, I can do an entire post on's crazy...but I do love it.
Take your break, drop by when you want to and have fun with your quilting.

bj said...

Wait....are we friends on FB...?
Gotta ck that out.

Elaine said...

Hmm, blogging. Such an interesting topic. Why do we blog and what else should we be doing instead of blogging?

Well, you are certainly not shallow nor is your blog. I don't visit as often as I should but I think about you often out there in Colorado.

I like your blog because it is personal and you don't try to sell me stuff. There is no advertising to distract. Blogging is not a business for you so the purity of your blogging shines through.

Enjoy your break and the quilt show. I am anxious to hear all about it!