Thursday, June 2, 2016


Over Memorial Day weekend we attended our 60th high school class reunion.  Yes, you read that right --- 60 years out of high school!
Bob, my husband, and I were in the same class -- we went to different grade schools but graduated together from the one high school of our small, rural town, Rocky Ford, Colorado.  We have always been a close class -- several of us have known each other since birth, and have kept in contact all of these years.
I took a bunch of pictures, but no one wants to see their 77/78- year-old selves all over the internet.  So, I'll spare you, also, and just show you a couple of special pictures of my class mates.

First --  Bill and I were born on the same day in the same hospital in Rocky Ford.  With our mothers, we shared a room there for several days.  We went to school and graduated together.  And now, here we are 77 years later still friends.
This is a picture of three of my friends with me in the first grade. 
 Here we are at the reunion this last weekend.  We may be grandmothers with gray hair now, but we still chatter like those pig-tailed little girls.
Bob was able to reconnect with a grade-school friend that he hadn't seen for 63 years, but I regret that I didn't get a photo of them together.

It was a jam-packed, fun-filled weekend.  And what do old folks who have known each other for many, many years do when they get together? --------
Grand Theater, Rocky Ford Colorado:
Photo from Pinterest of Rocky Ford's Grand Theater
We started off on Saturday with what we did as kids --- we went to the theater for a Saturday afternoon matinee.  The local volunteers have done a wonderful job maintaining and restoring the art deco movie theater.  We saw a 1950s era movie and two short clips about vintage Rocky Ford -- all with great 1950s music.
Elk's Club - Rocky Ford, Colorado
The movies were followed by a meet and greet then dinner at the local Elk's Club.  When we were in high school, a lot of our major dances were held at the Elk's Club.  We all hung around until 10:30 talking, reminiscing, catching up.  That's pretty late for us old folks.

One of our class members is a local pastor, so we attended his church as a group on Sunday morning.  He was always a talented musician and didn't disappoint us at church.  So wonderful to hear him play the piano and sing great old gospel music with his wife and son.

Sunday afternoon was spent touring the "new" high school.  Our class was talented athletically and had several conference and state championships.  The track trophies and signed footballs from our era were on display.
We then went across the road to the Methodist Church memorial garden; and had a memorial service for our departed class mates.  I was in charge of reading the names before each bell chime; and stumbled emotionally a couple of times.

Then, it was time to banquet together again.  We met at the restored sugar factory offices, which is now an event center for a catered dinner, more visiting, class photos, and an auction of meaningful items.

Monday morning was spent with visits to our local cemetery.  Over the many years, families have planted peony bushes on graves; so it is really beautiful this time of the year with the flags of veterans flying.  Similar to a lot of classmates, my parents, grandparents, and great-grandparents are buried there.
And, of course, we had to eat together again back at the Elk's Club.  Local class mates provided a great brunch.
After more visiting, we dispersed at 2:30.

It was a surreal, wonderful weekend with so many stories and laughs as though we had never been apart.  It is just amazing to me that these friendships have endured all of these years.  It wasn't necessary to say good bye, as we know we will get together again. 

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Sue said...

Wonderful post Sally....loved the picture of you four ladies as children and now....and how nice that is was a whole weekend of events to go to....My 50th. is coming up in 2 years but I thought that much thought is going to be put in to it...I have two years to lose about 30 pounds!! You didn't say how many were in attendance??....Hope you and Bob and the grands are all well...

Sarah said...

Sally, I'm celebrated my 50th high school reunion this year. I smiled at your photo of your girls in pigtails and plaid dresses. What memories that brings for me as well. I think in all of my elementary school photos I'm wearing a plaid dress. No pigtails, but my hair was forever in a ponytail. Glad you enjoyed this weekend with special longtime friends. Happy Blue Monday!

LV said...

The entire event sounds like fun and enjoyable. My favorite was the before and after photo of you ladies. We do not have many left in my graduation class. Probably never have another reunion.

podso said...

This was so interesting! Sixty years! I've always wondered what went on at such reunions so I enjoyed the details. I attended big schools, as in my high school class was 1500 students, so very few go back to reunions, if they even have them.

Jeanne said...

Oh my goodness, this is the most fun post to share. Sixty years and you still had the cutest four women together. I LOVE the before and after photo. It all sounds like the best time ever and I know you will have wonderful memories. I especiall enjoyed the story of you and your husbands beginning and now current lives together. It was meant to be. Big smile here.

Happy Blue Monday. We just arrived home from vacation yesterday. Late catching up. Thank you for joining my blog party.

a writing place said...

Saw a comment by you, on "BJ's" blog.... About being a "50's bride." Waving hand, me too! I was married in 1958. We will be married for 58 years, this fall.

So I guess I "beat you." :-))))

And I am 79 and my husband is nearly 83.

I was hooked on the house wives in those shows like "Leave It To Beaver" and "The Donna Reed Show" too. But! Moved on to adoring "Emma Peel" in "The Avengers"!!! :-)))

Just saying HI! One 50's bride to another.

Gentle hugs,

Kiki Nakita said...


What a precious time y'all had together. It was fun reading all the details of your reunion. I especially liked the "before", and "after" picture.

Have a blessed weekend,

Sandi Magle said...

How adorable to have the old photograph and the new. I'm on my way to our 50th in August and can't wait.

Thanks for sharing, Sandi

Anne's Attic - Design said...

Thank you for sharing at SYC! Jo

Have a Daily Cup of Mrs. Olson said...

Oh my gosh Sally, I love the photos of you four girls! Both young and (older) are darling! Can't believe that you and Bob were born on the same day and spent your first few days together. Meant to be, my friend. Love the idea of planting peonies in the cemetery. May do that by my moms grave. Thanks for sharing with SYC.

At Rivercrest Cottage said...

loved reading this post and looking at the before and after pictures, especially the pig-tailed girls. you've inspired me to attend my own 50-year reunion in a few years. I haven't been since the 20th one. My how time flies.

Jacqueline~Cabin and Cottage said...

What an amazing history you have! I don't think I have ever been to Rocky Ford but it is a place I often heard about when I visited my aunt and uncle in La Junta. Haven't even heard the name of that place in many years. You have some amazing stories. Congratulations on your 60 years reunion. Sounds like it was lovely!