Saturday, June 18, 2016


Our son is a good pianist.  In addition to currently teaching math and science, he spends a lot of spare time on the piano accompanying students for competitions and recitals.
He was interested at 20 months of age
He started piano lessons in kindergarten continuing on for 13 years.  Not once did either he or his teachers ever mention the need for a metronome at home. 
It has now been some 30 years later; and he mentions that
we provided some wonderful opportunities for him, but regrets that we never bought him a metronome.  What????

So now, we have this running joke about THE metronome.  For instance, a text with a picture of a metronome in an antique store priced at $89 saying, "You should have bought me one when they were cheap!"
And today he is in London, and I get a text with a picture of Sherlock Holmes' metronome implying that even Mr. Holmes had one!

The mother-guilt trip continues.

P.S.:  I asked him a while back if he wanted me to buy him one now, and he replied that no -- he has this wonderful metronome app on his phone.  Who knew???


Anonymous said...

Ha! Cute post! What an adorable snap of your son on the piano. That booger teasing his very sweet mother so much! Isn't it fun though? Thank you so much for popping in to see me and pray I will have the strength and energy to keep up with my little boogers! ;)
Thanks for popping in tos ee me.
be a sweetie,
Shelia ;)

bj said...

hahhaaa....this is a great story, the pic of your cute little boy.
Yes, ma' is H.O.T. here...high 90's and climbing...sprinkles every now and then but nothing to write home about...and yep...those Smart Phones have it all....xoxo